Want a document to be reviewed?

    You create the documents

    RvuFlow will handle the review cycle for you

    We've done it carefully and simply. The system will take care of circulating the documents for you.

    Transform your document review and approval process

    Eliminating Workflow Bottlenecks

    Email circulation

    Streamline communication by replacing email circulation with a centralized platform for document sharing and collaboration, reducing email clutter and ensuring all stakeholders have access to the latest updates.

    Manual status tracking

    Eliminate manual tracking methods and adopt automated status tracking tools, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and real-time visibility into project progress and milestones.

    Email reminders

    Replace manual email reminders with automated reminders integrated into your workflow management system, ensuring timely notifications and reducing the risk of missed deadlines or tasks.

    Missed deadlines

    Implement proactive deadline management strategies, including setting realistic timelines, utilizing task management tools, and regular progress monitoring to minimize the occurrence of missed deadlines.

    Missed reviewers

    Improve reviewer assignment and notification processes to ensure all designated reviewers are promptly notified and engaged in the review process, reducing delays and bottlenecks.

    Compiling comments

    Simplify the comment compilation process by using collaborative editing tools that automatically consolidate and organize feedback from multiple reviewers, saving time and effort in document revision cycles.

    Your new workflow will be

    Easy steps toward good quality review

    Step 1

    Create your document

    Begin by creating the document you wish to be reviewed. Craft your content and structure according to your needs and requirements.
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    Step 2

    Create new transmittal in RvuFlow

    Utilize RvuFlow's intuitive interface to create a new transmittal. Include all relevant information and attachments for effective communication.
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    Step 3

    Identify review team

    Identify and assign the appropriate review team members within RvuFlow. Ensure that the right stakeholders are involved for comprehensive feedback.
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    Step 4

    Let RvuFlow Circulate the transmittal

    Allow RvuFlow to streamline the circulation of the transmittal to the designated reviewers. Track the progress as it moves through the review process.
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    Step 5

    Track transmittal review status

    Monitor the status of the transmittal review within RvuFlow. Stay updated on reviewer actions, comments, and approval statuses.
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    Step 6

    Go through your team's comments and provide responses

    Review and analyze the feedback and comments provided by your team members. Address any questions or concerns and provide timely responses.
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    Step 6

    Update your document and issue another revision

    Make necessary updates and revisions to your document based on the feedback received. Issue a new revision through RvuFlow for further review and approval.
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